Christmas Storage with Addis Home


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Broken baubles, tangled fairy lights, a lost Christmas stocking, any of these sound familiar? Like many of you, my Christmas decorations hold years of precious memories. So the last thing I want to see when I open a box after nearly a year in storage are damaged items.


In a bid to make 2020 the year I Marie Kondo my whole house within an inch of its life (I live in hope!) Whilst I was faffing for the festive season this year, me and my little helper Missy Meow had a huge sort out. I’m determined to look after things more, rather than rushing to the shops to hastily replace.

Anything I no longer favoured and a few bits the kids had grown out of were taken to the local charity shop. The old flimsy battered cardboard boxes were used for this purpose, with the rest folded down and put out for the Recycle Collection Service.


I decided I needed something a bit more sturdy, as a few of our boxes are stored in a garage they need to stand the test of time. I settled upon these new Eco Storage boxes from Addis Home. Their Eco range is made from 100% recycled household plastic, sustainably sourced and made in the UK. Longevity, whilst being kind to the environment, were both high up on my list of requirements, so these boxes suit me perfectly.


To make things easier to locate next year, I labeled the boxes using these fun stylish decals from RyleStyleUK. You choose your own font, size and colour, which enables you to personalise things with ease. Plus, the boxes stack, with or without the matching lids, making things even easier to find and sort.


I have been saving bubble wrap and tissue paper from Christmas deliveries these past few months. I’ve used these in between layers of baubles and to wrap around other fragile items. I untangles all the fairy lights and if they didn’t have a box, wrapped them round a piece of card.


Other items from Addis Home that I have found great in my Christmas organisation journey are their range of Seal & Store Vacuum Bags. I’m going to be using these for Christmas cushions and throws. All these bags feature a unique patented seal technology with is 100% airtight. The bags are reusable and come with a lifetime guarantee and compress stored items by 80%.


I’m so chuffed that next year it will be much easier to find all the essentials. Thanks to Addis Home my beloved collection of Christmas decorations will be fit for use for decades to come.

Until next time,

Amy x

For more information please visit (USE CODE ‘INSTAGRAM15’ for 15% off on the site.)

Written, styled and photographed by Amy Davies Pereira. *This is a paid collaboration with Addis Home, all views and opinions are my own, I only work with brands I truly love and rate and want to share with you.

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