Spring Cleaning

Ok, so I know this may sound a bit strange, but I love a bit of spring cleaning. I find it very therapeutic and the finished cleaning session always ends with me lolling around in the room(s) feeling totally smug and cleansed. Then, lighting of a scented candle and scornful looks to all who dare mess up said room!

On Friday a very exciting and rather large parcel arrived at Little House, it was a Shark Vacuum cleaner, something I had lusted after for a while after reading rave reviews about this cleaning unit.

After unpacking it and assembling it,  which was a very easy job, all the pieces of the hoover just clicked together and we were ready to go immediately. One of the first things that I just loved about it, were the LED lights at the front, my teenage son exclaimed, “it has headlights!” This is a very useful feature when cleaning dark corners and also my dark grey slate floor in the kitchen.


It is also unbelievably quiet, (see video below) in comparison to other vacuums I’ve owned in the past. The duo-clean feature is amazing and gives a truly wonderful finish on hard floors and carpet equally, bringing up carpet like new, just look at those ‘hoover’ lines! The dust and debris in the easy to empty pod was shocking! were my floors really that dirty!? The suction is very very good and you can adjust the level with a little slider on the front. The vac glides from room to room with ease and another little switch enables you to change from hard floors to carpet.


The dust chamber allows you to see the dirt going in, which is quite shocking as the Shark picks up so much more than anything I’ve ever been used to, its very easy to empty and the filter is removable for you to wash once in while also to keep the suction tip-top.


The Shark boasts a ‘Lift-Away’ feature, which basically means you can lift the cleaning unit away, enabling you to carry it around easily for ease, such as on the stairs. This feature is also very helpful for high, hard to reach areas. I love how I can insert the dusting attchment into the long pole to reach cobwebs and dust my picture rails.


And yes, you saw that right, that IS a teenager, cleaning (the novelty still hasn’t rubbed off, even the cat was getting involved.) The vacuum comes with some handy extra attachments, that can either fit straight onto the handheld section or be used with the long wand. Overall this product is a first class vacuum cleaner, which exceeded all of my expectations. It’s versatile, robust, and easy to use with great performance. Well done shark!


To for more information/to purchase please click here 


Written by Amy Davies Pereira of Little House In London. Although this Shark vacuum was gifted to me, all opinions are my own. I only feature/write about products, opportunities and companies and that I truly rate and would/do use or would/do purchase myself. 

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