Power To The People

I’d like to talk about energy, it’s come to that time at Little House where our current energy deal has ended and it’s time to ‘switch’ suppliers. In doing our research we came across this amazing new ‘green’ tariff (+IMPACT). When I first read about it, it actually warmed my heart (as well as possibly my home!) as it’s all about helping others and putting that little bit back into society. It’s by a ‘not-for profit’ company, that was new to us, called Our Power.


Did you know that today, at least four million households are living in fuel poverty across the U.K. with many forced to choose whether to ‘heat or eat’. I found this a shocking fact, all those things I just take for granted, like watching the telly, switching on the lights and basically cooking dinner suddenly seemed so precious. I was really intrigued about this new tariff and how it could help these families.


Switching energy supplier isn’t the headache many of us imagine it to be.  And by doing so, you can save money, opt for greener tariffs and even help others by choosing a more ethical supplier like Our Power. So, for each customer paying that little bit more, Our Power can keep the lowest tariff even lower for those in need.

Our Power say: “By switching to Our Power’s +IMPACT tariff, you can help keep the cost of energy down for others in the community who are struggling to make ends meet. 

+IMPACT is about putting power in your hands. The more customers we have, the lower our prices are – for you and for others living in fuel poverty. For every new home that switches to +IMPACT, you’ll help Our Power to heat a lower-income or fuel-poor house for an extra 54 days.* 

Why switch to +IMPACT?

  • +IMPACT aims to help the 4 million British households that are fuel poor and have to choose whether to HEAT or EAT
  • Our electricity is super green and is ethically sourced – we know exactly where it comes from
  • +IMPACT is competitively priced – on average customers will benefit from annual savings of around £80*, compared with big six standard variable tariffs
  • All money raised through +IMPACT won’t be handed to shareholders but will be reinvested in communities that need it most
  • +IMPACT customers will be directly supporting our mission to make energy fairer

*Based on the average saving in days that could be generated for direct debit and pre-pay customers currently paying for electricity and gas on a big six standard variable tariff (54 days).

So basically, as well as being super-green (as above, their electricity is ethically sourced) and cheaper than most Big 6 tariffs, +IMPACT will help keep the cost of energy down for families on low incomes or living in fuel poverty.

Our Power is also not-for profit, so any profit made from the new tariff will be reinvested to create job opportunities and to offset wholesale price increases for low tariff customers.

Every time our current energy deal ends and it’s time to switch both the husband and I wonder which big company we will go with this time!? So nice to think that a more ethical green solution is on offer for all of us. Especially those of us, just like me and my little family, lucky enough to be cooking dinner and not giving it a second thought tonight… Food for thought for us ALL.

For more info visit the Our Power website: www.our-power.co.uk.

Written by Amy Davies Pereira of Little House In London. Although this blog post is part of a paid collaboration with Our Power, all opinions are my own. I only feature/write about products, opportunities and companies and that I truly rate and would/do use or would/do purchase myself. 

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