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Today I launched a giveaway on Instagram, the prize is a stunning vintage style mirror like this one above, that sits on my newly wallpapered fire breast here at Little House. I purchased it from Grace & Glory Home, a fab shop I discovered over on Instagram and I was blown away by the variety of  homewares on their website.

The website is packed full of on trend stylish homeware products, from door furniture to statement lighting G&G seems to have it covered. There’s a section in the shop for practically every room in your house (and the garden!) including the the often forgotten about utility, home office and kitchen. The decorative home department is stocked full of cosy throws, rugs, frames, shelves and ornaments. As you can tell I’m slightly obsessed with browsing this gorgeous site.


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.01.47.png

And their Instagram feed is pretty spesh too, so head over with a follow as their grid is full of all their stunning products and beautiful aspirational shots, which are all feeling quite Christmassy right now. G&G have been featured in the press a lot, from the Sunday Times to Living Etc, they continue to have their gorgeous wares pop up in the pages of all our favourite Interiors Mags.

TOP PICK: The newly launched Christmas range, the paper lantern fairy light garland is on my shopping list already!


They say:

Who’s are the face behind G&G? That’s myself Julia, and my husband Steve.  We work together really well and we’ve both over the years taken ownership of very different roles within the company. So although we work together, we actually don’t see each other that often!  My job within G&G is wide and varied and amazingly I still have the enthusiasm I had when we started the business 8 years ago.  And of course something no small business could do without, there’s our fantastic, talented, loyal and super enthusiastic team that support us.

What Made You Start Your Business? With backgrounds in business and marketing, what we’d always been interested in was interior design, architecture and property development.  I did a two year Interior Design course although strangely I never wanted to be an interior designer but I knew I wanted to do something in that field.  Our interest in interior details developed whilst we were renovating a 6 bedroom Victorian house in Devon and we realised there was a definite gap in the market, locally, for quality period architectural hardware and simple, but design led lighting.  We did tons of research and found suppliers we could work with and we found a small but beautiful little shop in Devon and we opened as Grace & Glory Home in 2010.  The website launched at the same time and this took off immediately and after two years we realised we had to focus on the ecommerce side of the business and our little shop closed.  

What Do You Sell? The G&G collection consists of beautiful period architectural hardware, indoor and outdoor lighting and fresh, functional homewares and accessories.  Our style is utilitarian, functional, simple, useful.  Our products are timeless too so whilst we are always looking for new products to add to our range, a lot of our products are with us to stay!

What are your bestsellers? Sometimes you know when something is going to be a bestseller but it’s great when a product surprises you too!  Our current bestsellers are:  the Scandinavian Brass ShelfHammered Brass Cabinet KnobStar Door Mat (these literally fly out of the door!), Denim Blue ThrowBamboo Pendant LightMarble & Brass Shelf and our Ebonised Door Knobs.

How Do You Choose Your Products? We look for products that are well made, functional and stylish.  We have a really good idea of who our customer is and how they like their homes to look.  Price point is important, obviously, but there are other more important factors when we’re sourcing new products.  We probably have less than 10 suppliers, but we’ve worked with them for years and we trust them.  If we’re considering a new supplier, we think really carefully about it and we’re usually considering a fairly long-term relationship with them.

Our business is unusual in that we don’t just sell to people renovating or redecorating their homes.  Probably 40% of our business is B2B.  So these customers are predominantly interior designers, architects and project managers working on restaurants or hotels.  This is an area of our business we’re working on developing and it means we have to think differently when sourcing products we think they will like.

What are your favourite products? At the moment we’re loving brass. Brass has made a huge comeback and is the metal of choice for discerning interiors.  It’s striking when paired with dark, desaturated blues and forest greens and looks great with concrete and marble accessories.  So in answer to that question, anything brass!  I particularly love our brand new Brass Display Cabinet from one of our favourite Danish suppliers.

Where Do Most Of Your Orders Come From? We’re an ecommerce business so naturally people find us usually via Google.  We’ve also had some amazing press (Living etc, The Guardian, The Times, Elle Decor etc.) and we love it when people find us like this.  Social media is great for us too so Facebook and surprisingly Pinterest works well.  We’re Instagram newbies but finding this to be an exciting social media platform and looking forward a lot to developing this.


For more information visit: www.graceandgloryhome.co.uk



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