Belly Basket Upcycle

I’m really pleased with how my little belly basket upcycle came out, so I thought I’d share how I did it. The colour I chose to use is called LemLem, a new colour that Annie Sloan herself has developed in collaboration with Oxfam. It’s inspired by fields of alliums that Annie saw in Ethiopia, grown by women farmers who are supported by Oxfam’s Ethiopian Seed Project. I chose white pom poms to represent the white alliums.

You will need:
Plain Belly basket I bought mine here: click here to see the one I bought
Suitable Paint I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Paint brush
Wool in colour of your choice
Pom pom maker click here to see the one I bought (or you can use two pieces of card, google this)
Large Needle for sewing on poms




Firstly, paint the bottom half of your basket, I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint as it literally can cover anything, the finish is lovely, this shade is called LemLem. Leave paint to dry


Next, get on with your pom poms. I have this pom pom kit below, its so simple to make poms in minutes! I bought mine from Ebay (click here to see the one I bought) As you can see from my pics below they’re so easy to make. Alternatively you can use the old two pieces of cardboard method (google this if you didn’t do this as a child)


Then stitch your pompoms onto your basket with the wool and a large needle, push through the centre of the pom pom then through to the basket. You could also stitch them all around, or just tie onto the handles.


And there you have it, a painted pom pom belly basket.


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  1. it looks lovely! i really like this new Annie colour! looks great 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, yes it’s beautiful isn’t it?


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