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Let’s face it, In these current difficult times, staying healthy in both mind and body is even more important than ever before. Many of us are looking for easy ways to stay nourished, fit and healthy 24/7. For me, feeling good in all these areas means a smooth running day, restful sleep and in turn a happy household.

With both anxiety and stress at an all time high for so many, the self-help industry is booming with products all claiming to help you stay awake/sleep/concentrate. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. 

I had noticed wellness teas were on the rise, after trying a few, I was delighted to discover Ahmad Tea’s all-natural yummy range of herbal infusions. This Great Taste award-winning collection includes six delicious blends that not only use the highest quality natural fruit and herbal ingredients, but they also have added fortifying vitamins and botanicals, they’re also 100% natural.

So, depending on my mood and needs, I can reach for the tea blend that suits me at that minute. Whether I’m looking for a morning energy kick, an immune-boosting pick me up or a night-time relaxer, Natural Benefits from Ahmad Tea is a Great Taste two star award winning collection of herbal and green tea infusions, with vitamins and botanicals to help you feel good and stay nourished throughout the day, when you need it most.

The range boasts six all-natural premium blends:

Immune – A blend of lemon, ginger and turmeric with vitamin C to support the immune system.

Energy – Grapefruit, mate and guarana seed with vitamin B6 to help reduce fatigue.

Sleep – Camomile, honey and lavender with passion flower to relax and unwind.

Beauty – Peach, carob and rose petals with Aloe Vera to help you regain your natural glow

Slim – Lemon, mate & matcha green teas with zinc to give yourself (and your metabolism) a boost

Digest – Sweet mint, liquorice, fennel and biotin (aka vitamin H) to lend a helping hand to the digestive system.

After trying them all out over the last few weeks, I’m super impressed with these infusions and they’ve become part of my daily routine.

If I had to narrow down to a couple of favourites (which is tough as they ALL really lovely and compliment each other) I’d have to say ‘Sleep’ and ‘Immune’ They are just so relevant right now, given the growing anxiety over the pandemic and lack of sleep many of us are are facing. Even the media have coined the term ‘Coronasomnia’ We all know lack of sleep leads to a reduced immune system, something none of us needs at the moment.

The Immune infusion has been created to aid the body’s natural defences and keep you feeling on top. The restorative blend of fiery ginger, warming turmeric and zesty lemongrass is completed with the addition of natural vitamin C to support the healthy functioning of the immune system and deliver a wholesome, earthy boost. 

I’m also sleeping so much better, I’ve developed a new bedtime routine. I have one of the sleep blends around 4pm (if I’m feeling stressed) and then one around 8pm. It’s a luxurious blend of flowers, honey and lemon balm, the infusion combines calming camomile with fragrant lemon balm and soothing lavender and passion flowers for the perfect bedtime brew. As you sip away, you can feel your body relax. My phone is then put away and screens and white/blue light kept to a minimum. I’ve started reading more, I use a sleep pillow spray and I listen to meditation music before bed.

I also love the fact that Ahmad is a company that is committed to environmental sustainability, ethical supply chains and charitable causes. They’re a proud member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, its charitable work – including building and furnishing a fully equipped hospital in Sri Lanka – has seen Ahmad Tea donate a percentage of its profits to charitable causes over its 40-year history.

Finding this range has been a 100% positive experience, I’m more focussed, energised and generally happier. I can’t help but feel this range has been created to care for us all. Why not give it a try too?

Until next time

Amy x

Ahmad Tea Natural Benefits blends are available to buy now from  www.ahmadtea.com and Amazon RRP £3 per pack of 20.

Other useful links: Ahmad Tea UK Instagram: instagram.com/ahmadteauk/
Ahmad Tea Twittertwitter.com/ahmadteauk
Ahmad Tea UK Facebookfacebook.com/AhmadTeaUK/


Written, styled and photographed by Amy Davies Pereira. *This is a paid collaboration with Ahmad Tea, all views and opinions are my own, I only work with brands I truly love and rate and want to share with you.

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  1. Rachel S says:

    This is so great. Will definitely try these!

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  2. Nicola Smith says:

    Well written piece, will be ordering the sleep one.

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