Brighten up your space with Kalanchoes


Let’s talk about colour, a thing I used to be very afraid of when it came to home decor, I was even fussy about what colour flowers I’d buy. Fast forward three years, and I can safely say I’m really embracing the joy colour brings into my life. I haven’t been brave enough to paint a whole wall, fence or a large piece of furniture in a bright colour as yet, but hey, small steps! The way I like to bring colour into my home and garden is by using accents of it with accessories such as cushions, throws, rugs and flowers.

I love having house plants and flowers on display throughout my home. I’d always had house plants in the ‘green’ category and used fresh flowers for brighter colours etc. That was until I recently discovered my love of Kalanchoe, (aka ‘Flaming Katy’). They are one of the most colourful flowering succulents on the market. Widely available in a host of colours to suit every mood and room, from pinks and reds to yellows, oranges and whites.

This cute little plant is actually the UK’s second most popular houseplant after the orchid. I’m sure you recognise it or have possibly bought one – but very few know its name. What I especially love about them is that they bloom happily inside all year round, (or outside during the summer months).


Being succulents, they require little watering – perfect for busy lives, or forgetful plants waterers like myself! In fact, as they only require weekly watering, you can go away for a long weekend or even a week without any worry about your plants looking great when you get back. A little water, a little sun, and a nice spot, that’s all it needs. Top tip: put a reminder in your smartphone so can give it a small amount of water every week.

Even though they are sold mainly as a houseplant they will in fact live quite happily outside in pots on balconies/gardens/terraces during the summer months (May – October – or until the frosts set in).

I used to always stick to a few colours in my garden, but over the last two years I’ve decided that a mix of colours is great. I love them all mixed together. For me, a riot of colour = big smiles every time I step outside the door, or look out of the window.


I decided to pick up one in each colour of these cute little succulents, at the moment I’ve grouped a few in this little zinc rustic trolley. They look stunning on my new grey decking. Even though I have passed them many times in the supermarket isle, I truly underestimated the beauty of their juicy green leaves and oh so pretty tiny flower heads.


This versatile little plant is also great as a gift, it makes a long lasting and more sustainable alternative to a bunch of flowers, and are often presented in a gift box like this one below.

They are such great value plant, you can pick them up from as little as £1.99, and they are widely available in supermarkets, florists and garden centres.

I hope I’ve given you a little insight into this amazing little succulent, and also that these pops of colour have brightened your day as much as they brighten mine.

Until next time,

Amy x

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Written, styled and photographed by Amy Davies Pereira. *This is a paid collaboration with Always Kalanchoe to promote awareness of Flaming Katy/Kalanchoe. All views and opinions are my own, I only work with brands I truly love and rate and want to share with you.


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  1. Karen Woodhouse Styling says:

    So bright and colourful! Just love Flaming Katy in my Home too.

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    1. Such a great little plant


  2. Darren Pane says:

    So bright and cheery


  3. Chocoviv says:

    Beautiful flowers…

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