BBQ Days

img_8321Having just returned from a beautiful sunny week away in Cornwall, we’re keen to keep the holiday vibes going for as long as possible here at Little House. The hubster (Alex) had been very eager to BBQ a (huge) Ribeye Tomahawk Steak, so after said piece of meat was in the bag from our local butchers, our day was set. Dobbies Garden Centres recently gifted us a stunning slate blue Weber Mastertouch. So, I’ll start this piece with Alex’s review of his new toy.


Weber Mastertouch BBQ review by Alex Pereira of Little House In London

“I was surprised and excited when my better half presented me a new Weber Mastertouch BBQ. Before then, I must admit the BBQ days were few and far between, mainly due to the usual British weather. After researching, the Weber has opened up a whole new world of outdoor cooking. The results so far have been tasty and spectacular.

Here are some quick tips:

  • You MUST purchase a Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter. This makes starting your BBQ so simple, no more waiting for the wind to blow in the right direction to spark a fire-lighter, or infusing your food with the flavours of nasty lighting gels. It’s all ready to go in about 15 minutes using this portable gadget.


  • Cook using the ‘indirect method’! The fact that the BBQ has a lid means you can cook with the lid on, trapping in heat and smoke. The hot coals are placed to one side and you cook food on the opposite side to infuse all the smoky flavours without the scorching. The meats are only placed over the coals at the end to finish the chargrill effect.
  • It’s a versatile system. You can cook almost anything now, and there is all manner of attachments that you can add to literally turn this into an outdoor kitchen oven. If cooking larger pieces of meat you will need to get a good digital thermometer to make sure it’s all cooked properly.
  • This video gave me inspiration for cooking the Ribeye Tomahawk Steak:
  • You will not need those self igniting BBQ bags any more so invest in some decent lumpwood coal or Weber briquettes for consistent cooking times. You can now also explore smoking wood chips or artisan coals to enhance the flavours of what you are cooking. I’ve got my eye on some charcoals from
  • BBQ starter video:

Man and fire has been a fascination since time began! Man and Weber will keep the fasication going a bit longer, and I can see myself happily BBQ-ing in the rain now the British weather has reverted back to normal.”



We covered the meat in Maldon salt, which are very fine flakes and just melted into the huge steak.


The video Alex mentions above shows all the stages and cooking times for the Ribeye Tomahawk Steak.


As you can see it was DELICIOUS!! We served it with, salad, corn on the cob, home made potato wedges and coleslaw.


I was more than happy to pretty up the table with my new Indian Summer tableware from Sainsbury’s Home (obvs!)


This fabulous fringed Tommy Bahama Pink & Green Tropical Flower Cushion is from TKMaxx.


Ava made a stunning salad topped with nasturtiums from the garden.


It was a family affair with the man-boy (Roman) cooking the corn goblets.


We all sat round to chat, keep the chef company and watch when the lid was pulled back to reveal the various stages of cooking. It was toasty warm too! It’s become a little ritual, much better than sitting in front of the telly whilst one person cooks.


No BBQ would be complete without the obligatory marshmallow cooking to finish off, squashed between yummy biscuits for Smores, or just eaten melt-in-the-mouth from the stick.

We are in love with our new Weber Mastertouch BBQ, thanks Dobbies Garden Centres for the fabulous gift. We’ve got so many recipes we want to try, next gadget on the list is the Weber Style Poultry Roaster, or maybe the Dutch oven Insert!? We’ve got SO many amazing ideas.

Amy x

Photographed, written and compiled by Amy Davies Pereira of Little House In London

*Although some items featured here are ‘Gifted’, all views and opinions are my own. I only work with bands a truly love and rate.

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