~Featured~ Artisan Pippa Richardson of Toodle & Pip

Some might call it their go to for the very on trend foil print. For others, it’s the frank yet very apt quotes that draws them in. One things for sure, they’re the most boomerang worthy prints out there, fact!

I own two T&P prints, pictured above, both of which add a bit of fun to my walls. The foil feature adds depth to the picture and whilst the matte paper offsets this perfectly.


As you can see see the art collection is varied, from funny sayings (that we all think in our head!) to film quotes. You can also find motivational sayings and a beautiful range of bees, butterflies, vintage kitchenware and a stunning rose.

Toodle & Pip is run by Pippa Richardson. I discovered Pippa’s designs via Instagram where her account is growing from week to week. She is a co-host for the popular hashtag #howivintage that she co-hosts with @kylamagrathinteriors and @lou_a_watkins.

Pippa’s Etsy shop also stocks a range of funky jewellery, hair clips and unique gifts. Her creations are also stocked in beautiful independent shops local to her studio and attends vintage and craft fairs regularly.

TOP PICK: Exclusive range now being stocked at Joyful Home Company. Get your hands on some classic T&P art, which yet again is very on point and will have you in stitches and possibly showing the ‘fun sponge’ in your house as a subtle hint.


“Hi, I’m Pip and I am a the creative mind behind ‘Toodle & Pip’ (heads up I have no idea who Toodle is…I have no pets or children by this name!)

I have always had a ‘making’ itch that has had to be scratched for as long as I can remember and it well and truly raised its head as a teenager when I started painting silk and selling scarves and ties I had made to local independent shops while I was still at school! Somehow I ended up in a retail career as a manager at Monsoon Accessorize and for many years enjoyed my job there especially loving the visual merchandising aspects to the role.

But now I am first and foremost a mummy to 2 lovely boys and this is a creative project that started when I couldn’t find earrings in a colour I needed. Deciding the only way was to make them myself I ended up selling earrings to other mums on the school run who loved mine! So Toodle & Pip came about! Likewise the typographic foil art I create and sell in my shop was basically a result of wanting a bespoke foil quote made for my gallery wall and realizing I could probably make it myself to get exactly what  I wanted!

I now have an extensive range of unique handmade goodies and most have a hint of vintage about them. My husband will vouch for the fact I am an avid fan of anything older than myself… (himself included!) I find it physically impossible to walk past an antiques shop without going in and have even created an Instagram hashtag with 2 friends called #Howivintage as a means for people to show off and showcase their vintage finds and interiors. 

I am particularly proud of the stunning metallic foil typography wall art I create and I am stocked in a few beautiful independent shops local to my studio as well as having several online companies commission exclusive designs for their own shops. I regularly attend vintage and craft fairs in and around Shropshire and absolutely love the personal interaction and customer service I can provide to my fantastic customers…..the retail manager in me is still lurking in the background!

Everything in my shop is designed and created by me in my studio. I love creating bespoke art so do get in touch if that is what you need. I add to my collections regularly so to see sneak previews before they land in my Etsy shop follow toodleandpip on Instagram and Facebook!”
Top 10 Toodle & Pip facts…. 

1. I cannot start the day without a sizable cup of caffeine.

2. I love a good mooch in an antique/house clearance/junk shop. You would not believe some of the things I have bought home (much to hubby’s dismay!)

3. Highlight of my life….giving birth to my 2 beautiful little munchkins.

4. Born and bought up in the beautiful medieval town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Never been?…must visit!

5. Old fashioned values are so important to me, it costs nothing to be polite, kind and honest.

6. I love fantastic food (cooked by someone else!) 

7. I love home baking but really need to eat less of it!!! 

8. I love chocolate but really need to eat less of it!!! 

9. I love gardening but really need to do more of it!!!!

10. I love my job and live to make my customers experience a happy and special moment. x
For more information visit: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ToodleAndPip or www.instagram.com/toodleandpip


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