A love of Vintage

It’s difficult to say exactly what my ‘style’ is when it comes to an interiors theme. I like to mix the old with the new, love a bit of boho but also I’m drawn to the scandal vibe. I suppose my biggest inspiration comes from the Art deco era, the 20’s and 30’s seem to tick all the boxes for me.

I’ve picked up quite a few vintage pieces over the years some of which hold great sentimental value to me and my family. The newest acquisition being our beautiful Chaise Longue that belonged to my late Mother-in-law. It was her pride and joy and now features centre stage in the room we are currently renovating, the back room. I adore it’s button detailing and sassy curves, it just calls out to have someone recline on it… (Missy the cat in this case!)


My retro GPO Bakelite phone is another fave feature at @littlehouseinlondon. It’s been in my family for years and has the original card in the pull-out drawer with all the Bristol local codes and numbers from the little village I grew up in. It’s very photogenic and a great prop for my photos as well as a stunning ornament.

GPO (General Post Office) was the original name for BT (British Telecoms) and in the era of the Bakelite telephone the GPO had the monopoly on renting land line GPO Phones to their “subscribers”. The date on the card is April 1960, it’s a fabulous little piece of mid-century history.

It sits proudly on this little vintage sideboard I picked up in a charity shop 15 years ago. It’s nearly been attacked with the paint brush a few times but I love it’s wear and colour so it’s staying like this (for now!).

img_0646I’ve been very lucky with ‘hand-me-downs’ and this little marble coffee table with it’s stunning gold coloured legs was given to me a few years ago from my husband’s side. We’re not really sure of it’s legacy as it was gifted to them. The Art Deco influence is clearly there and that’s good enough for me. It’s really quirky but still fits in with all my other vintage pieces.


I have two old wooden pieces of furniture that have been up-cycled in Chalk paint (the dresser and table below) but I’ve already blogged about these, so they just get a mention here as they’re such a big part of my vintage collection.

Brass is a new favourite of mine and I’ve started a little collection, you can see the swan sitting on the dresser below that I picked up in an antique store a few months back. If you look closely you can see my new candlesticks and two little bells I recently acquired too.




I intend to add to my collection if I spy things on local sites, or on my travels in charity shops and antique stores. I’m really drawn to old things which is why Little House In London was the house for us, at 117 years old it’s the oldest thing I own.

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