Getting cosy with Baa Stool


My bedroom revamp at is underway at Little House

Say hello to the newest addition at Little House In London, my sheepskin dressing table stool of dreams, Ffleur. Isn’t she just lovely? She comes in 18 different colour ways, I have chosen this stunning teal. I sat on her for about an hour when she first arrived. I mean, I couldn’t have been more comfy, faffing around at my new dressing table feeling like a queen.

Ffleur Beauty stool in teal.

The lovely Ffleur has been handcrafted by a company called Baa Stool, who, you guessed it specialise in sheepskin stools. They use 100% British sheepskin and have a vast collection of stunning stools and accessories. Each stool has it’s own name to represent the leg style and is available in a variety of removable coloured sheepskin covers.

Judy Beauty stool in Ivory

The company was founded and is run by Michelle Bartleet-Greavey. Footstools and chairs are lovingly handmade and upholstered in luxurious sheepskins in a traditional cruck barn workshop in North Wales.

A flock of Baa Stools and cushions

The business is growing very quickly and Michelle’s stunning sheepskin stools and accessories are popping up in houses all across the land, I spied this gorgeous ‘Judy’ baby pink Baa stool in the home of Geraldine Tan of

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 16.36.19.png
Judy Beauty stool is baby pink in the home of @littlebigbell

The collection is varied and the aim of Baa Stool is to make practical, functional pieces of furniture that can fit in anywhere in the home, but still have a real wow factor. The result is a range of quality, unique and contemporary sheepskin furniture that compliments modern and period interiors equally.

Baa Bar Stools in Aubergine and Slate Grey

Its not only stools that they stock, it’s actually the biggest collection of sheepskin products Ive ever seen in one place! They make cushions, notebooks, lampshades, pet beds, pouffes, door stops, armchairs, bag charms and much much more. Great for gifting and self gifting ideas alike.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 17.03.45
Just some of the eclectic collection at Baa Stool
Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 08.25.51
Michelle with Cagney and Lacey – the Baa Stool Labradoodles.

Michelle at Baastool says:

“In 2011 I was made redundant from the job I loved.  It was a shock but I saw it as my opportunity to do something different.  Around this time a friend invited me to a fortune telling night. Now, I’m generally sceptical about these things, but as I was at a bit of a crossroads I thought I’d go along and see what the spirits had in store for me. The fortune teller told me she saw me surrounded by pin cushions, needles and chairs. Crikey!…am I going to be an upholstress?  Over the next few days the idea started to sink in….and feel right….really right. In fact, it felt amazing! I could get out of the rat race. I could be self-employed. I could be an upholstress! I took the plunge and two weeks later I started 18 months of training with the Association of Master Upholsterers.

The first time I picked up a tack hammer I knew…this is the job for me!!

One year in and I set up my own upholstery business; North Wales Upholstery. It was during a tea break from a particularly challenging chair that I was looking at the sheep in the fields surrounding my workshop and mused ‘they look like little footstools. Hmmmmmm…sheepskin covered footstools. Oh yes!’  I trotted off to our local butcher who sells sheepskins and set about making a stool.  I approached a local joiner who made the legs for me from locally sourced wood…he thought I was bonkers when I asked for little hooves!

The name came next – It just popped into my head one day and made perfect sense.  It encapsulates the product completely.  If you’ve never seen one once you see the name you know what to expect!

I spent several months developing the idea and ensuring that every detail of the product is high quality. The frames and legs are made by skilled craftsmen. The sheepskin is always premium grade and predominantly from UK flocks. I source the best upholstery materials and we upholster each Baa Stool using a mix of modern and traditional methods. This is important because I want my customers to enjoy a product that is the very best it can possibly be.

I started selling Baa Stools at local artisan markets and county shows and they quickly developed a following. I noticed that the sheepskin cover upholstered on the footstools made people stop in their tracks, look closer…then, inevitably, smile. This quickly became the overall aim of every new design… to make people smile when they walk into a room.   We now export worldwide and are happy to be helping people all around the world to put their feet up!”

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 08.32.01
Christmas  has arrived at Baa Stool!

So, sit back and get browsing the Baa Stool website, with the fab offers listed below your next feet up session could see your toes snuggled into a cosy stool of dreams. And remember, it’s so important to support our independent businesses too this Christmas.

Until next time,

Amy x

For more information please visit 
Here are some amazing Black Friday deals: (valid until midnight Tuesday 27th November) Spend over £50 and receive 5% off use Code BLACKFRI5. Spend over £100 and receive 10% off  use Code BLACKFRI10. Spend over £200 and receive 20% off use Code BLACKFRI20. Spend over £500 and receive 25% off use Code BLACKFRI25

*Although this was a paid collaboration with Baa Stool, all views and opinions are my own. I only work with brands I truly love and rate.


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  1. Nicole says:

    Love these little stools, Amy! Yours looks fab with your dressing table. Great post xx

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